Submission of a Complaint

The complaint can be submitted by;

Phone: 083 296 0810

Call in at our offices: (011) 362 1590

We need the following information;

  • The name and contact details and policy or claims number
  • Attach any relevant documents

We will;

  • Advise you of any further information or documentation that is required in order to investigate the complaint
  • Provide you with the contact details and name of the person who will be investigating the matter
  • If the complaint must be sent to the Insurer or underwriter for resolution we will advise you of the insurers Complaints Resolution contact details and your right to use that escalation process direct
  • In the event that a complaint is escalated to the Insurers complaints escalation process then the insurers Complaints Escalation information will be provided to you
  • A timeframe will be provided to you as to when you will be contacted to provide the resolution or update.



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